Service Status.
This panel presents the main RAIM prediction related parameters such as the time period covered (72h from the current day at 00:00 UTC), the latest almanac loaded and the NANUs (Notice Advisory to Navstar Users) issued by the US Coast Guard at the USCG NAVCEN web site,
Terminal/Approach Tool.
This panel allows users to perform RAIM predictions for one or several airports within the time period defined in ‘Service Status’ panel. Prediction of RAIM availability is only provided for airports in ECAC and MEDA countries and their overseas territories. The tool supports ICAO codes. The user can select the following parameters for each RAIM prediction:
  • TSO c129
  • Algorithm: FD or FDE
  • Selective Availability: Aware or Unaware
  • Barometric Aiding: On or Off
  • Mask Angle: 2.0°, 5.0°, 7.5°, 10.0° or 12.5°
  • Type of procedure: APPROACH (RNP 0.3) or TERMINAL (RNP 1.0)
Clicking on "Check outages" invokes the RAIM prediction calculation and once the calculation is finished the results are presented to the user both in graphical and textual formats.
Upload/Save Configuration Button.
By clicking in "Save configuration" button, the user can save in a xml file the configuration selected in the settings and the list of airports. This xml file can be uploaded with the "Upload configuration" button to select the configuration saved.
In addition, the xml file can be edited by the user (e.g. to add more than 10 airports). In this way, when the user load a xml file with more than 10 airports, the different textbox in the airport section will be completed, and the last textbox will show a list with the rest of airports.
If the user wants to add more than 10 airports, the user should add the aerodromes inside the section "<aeroset>", between the tag "<aero></aero>".
See an example below.
Old format New format
Further assistance is available by e-mailing the AUGUR Helpdesk:
Below the mapping between the tabs of the current service (since 01/09/2020) and the previous service and the different fields contained in them is shown:
  1. Airports:
    The ICAO identifier of the up to ten (10) airports selected by the user.
  2. Mask Angle:
    Drop Down List with all posible visibility angle.
  3. Selective Availability:
    Previous Service Current Service
    Aware SA Off
    Unaware SA On
  4. Barometric Aiding:
    Previous Service Current Service
    Off No baro aiding
    On Baro aiding
  5. Algorithm:
    Drop Down List with FD or FDE options.
  6. Integrity Level:
    Drop Down List with Approach or Terminal options.
  7. Check Outages:
    Button to get the Outages with the configuration selected.